Electric Bed

We all spend much of our lives in bed, whether it be sleeping at night or spending lazy mornings watching television. Why then do people in generally worry so little about the quality and function of the bed they are sleeping in? Beds such as electric beds offer the highest comfort whist also offering creased function and convenience. An electric bed is one which can be adjusted (via control) for a different height, top angle and bottom angle. A bed such as this has both uses medically and for its functions in general.

Medical uses for an electric bed

Probably the first thing we all think of when hearing about electric beds is the ones that are found in hospitals. Whilst these are the most basic in terms of appearance, function and comfort there are more and more private models becoming available to suit medical aid at home. Firstly the ability to lower and raise the height of the whole bed itself can really help those with injuries and recovery of hip replacements for example.


Medical features for an electric bed

They allow the bed to be low for getting in and out whilst high for general use. The adjustable angles at both the top and bottom of the bed are actually proven to help in medical recovery. For example if someone has a broken leg or angle, by raising that part of the body (lower half of bed) you can allow those injuries to heal faster. Likewise raising the top half of the electric bed will help with some back injuries and of course general use. The adjustments are generally made by some form of control box and can be operated by both the bed occupant and any caregivers.
These types of beds can either be brought outright for long term use, or hired on a short term basis for specific recovery requirements. The linen will either come with the bed hire, can be brought specifically and in some cases can be modified general use linen.

Other uses for an electric bed

Electric beds are really taking off in the home market and it’s not just for medical reasons. People are buying them because the features can become rather convenient to their normal life. As we get older as does are backs and this often means pain getting up or down. An electric bed can be lowered and raised which allows getting in and out of bed to be less painful. The ability to raise the top of the bed can come in really handy and is convenient to other tasks we perform in bed. For example if you like to read books or watch television in your bed, the ability to raise the top half would make those tasks more comfortable and of course better on our backs. The top half could then be lowered to an appropriate level when it comes time to sleep. It’s a relatively fast process to adjust the bed, uses minimal power and is not noisy.





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