Adjustable Single Bed

Primarily in medical buildings such as hospitals, care homes and some doctor’s surgeries the main type of bed will be some form of adjustable single bed. This type of bed which has been used since the early 1800s primarily has medical reasons (for both convenience and medical help to the patient), however in recent years sales have surged for home use and the reasons are not always medical. Many modern bed design companies have taken the idea from hospitals and made it attractive to general home users as a bed with added functionality. Prices are generally higher than normal beds which may put some buyers off, more and more everyday are seeing the benefits of this type of bed and paying the premium. We do of course spend one third of our lives in bed.

What does the adjustable single bed do?

Well as the name might suggest the bed is adjustable. Now this adjustability takes on four different factors, each of which may or may not be present in a given bed. These factors are:

  • Adjustable side rails
  • Adjustable height of whole bed
  • Adjustable angle/height of top half
  • Adjustable angle/height of bottom half

Where the adjustable rails may only be found in beds for medical safety reasons, the remaining adjustable features are found in most of the beds. This adjustability will generally be controlled by some sort of remote, which will either be wired to the bed or in newer models wireless. The added benefit is that both the occupant and any external parties can control the bed when required.

Why use an adjustable single bed?

The main reason that people choose adjustable beds is for medical rehabilitation. All forms of hospitals and medical practices will have some form of adjustable bed. The reasons for this are both medical and convenience to both the staff and patients. Medically speaking it is better for recovery of damaged areas of the bodies to raise them up. A common example of this would be some form of broken leg, by using an adjustable bed to raise the lower part of the body the leg can get better faster.

It is also more natural and comfortable to the patient instead of raising the leg via something hanging off the ceiling. The rising of the top half can also help for examinations from doctors. Many ill patients may not be able to move easily by themselves and doing so is often painful. By allowing the upper torso and head to rise up, the patient is able to communicate effectively with medical staff and can easily be examined.

Using adjustable single bed at home?

More and more people are buying this type of bed for the convenience at home. We no longer just use our beds for sleeping. People are now begging to read, watch TV, work on the laptop, study and even eat in bed. The adjustable bed is a good way of supporting our backs during these activities, is comfortable and simple to do.





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