Adjustable Bed Bedding

In the past the only place you would see any form of adjustable bed was in hospitals and other medical centres. With recent times this has changed and the adjustable bed has been improved and given a fresh look to be sold for private use. Generally brought for medical conditions and ease of care for loved ones, the adjustable bed is becoming common in many UK homes. Once people find out how the adjustable bed is perfect for home use and is of a higher quality than hospital beds, their next questions pertains to the adjustable bed bedding.

The Bedding itself

As hospitals use rather bland and uncomfortable sheets on their beds, this is the comfort level people believe comes with all adjustable beds. This however is not true at all, in fact any type of bedding that you find for conventional beds, can be brought or even modified for an adjustable bed. That means that the sheet types, duvet inners and duvet covers you are used to having can be brought for an adjustable bed. Even if a family member wants to make a special quilt, you can make them to fit the adjustable bed. The choices are there all it takes is looking for the right store.

Adjustable Bed Sheets

As the mattress isn’t always standard size (and because it moves of course) you will require a special set of sheets. There are many suppliers who make and sell these sheets; you are really spoilt for choice. Your favourite material of sheet can be found for adjustable beds and includes:

  • Various thread counts
  • Silk/satin
  • Egyptian Cotton

Not to worry about the colour and they definitely have a much larger selection that white. You can pretty much pick a colour of the rainbow and then some.

Adjustable Bed Duvet

Duvets or the warmer and thick ‘top’ we put over our sheets in bed is generally very important for keeping us warm in bed. For a sick person, especially in colder months this is an important consideration. In general the duvet will not be secured to the bed itself and instead will use its own heavy weight to stay put and over the occupant. Luckily with adjustable beds this is the case and there is no real need to purchase special covers. However if your adjustable bed is not a standard double or single size, there may be need to look at a custom duvet and cover that does not get in the way of the moving parts.

In terms of the inner you really are spoilt for choice, and can pick any standard duvet inner. Whilst some people prefer that of features from natural birds, other due to allergies or preference prefers an alternative inner. Another positive note is that there are many children’s designs available for specialised adjustable bed duvets; it’s the little things like this that can help with recovery.




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