Adjustable Bed Hire

The adjustable bed is a great innovation in the bedding world. Its primary use is for medical reasons, as it provides support and relief for the recovery of broken bones and strain muscles. When in hospital they will often teach you to elevate certain injuries to aid with the healing process. Whilst this may be simple with the hospital bed, once you get home from the short stay in hospital the recovery process could be slowed down. Luckily adjustable beds have become very popular for home use and there are a number of services who offer adjustable bed hire. B y hiring the bed you are not having to pay a large lump sum and are not left with a special bed after the injury heals.

Where can I hire an adjustable bed?

A common question from people is where they can hire the bed. Your first option is to approach the outpatients section of the hospital in which you are being discharged from, they may hire out beds to patients or can point you in the right direction. Retirement homes and care villages will often have spare adjustable beds which they hire out; it’s a great way for them to bring in funds from unused and old beds and provides a service to the injured. Another place to consider for hiring adjustable beds is organisations that specialise in the injury of the patient. Perhaps there is a local organisation which specialises in looking after those with hip replacements. It is these organisations that will often have an inventory of beds for hire.

Specialised adjustable bed hire

The final place to consider is specialised hire companies. These types of companies make their living off hiring items such as beds, TVs, fridge’s and other white ware to customers. Many of them have seen the market for adjustable bed hire and have taken several on as stock. These places are usually good to deal with as you can easily use their track record as an indication to the level of service they provide. The government can also have specialised laws to the hire of items which can help protect you.

How Do I hire an adjustable bed?

Once you have found someone to lend you the adjustable bed, the hiring process is usually rather simple. The first thing you need to decide is the length you will require the bed for. Hire companies will usually work in months and in some cases only multiples of threes. Therefore you should work out how long recovery time is and the number of months you will require the bed. A deposit will often be required and in terms of the lease you may be required to pay in full up front or in some cases you can pay monthly etc. If you require the adjustable bed for long term use, then you can usually negotiate a favourable rate. The bed will usually be delivered and picked up to your home, and more often than not a fee will be charged for this service.





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