Adjustable Bed Reviews

When you think about it, we spend quite a lot of our lives in bed. Scientifically they have worked it out to be roughly one third of our lives sleeping, and this doesn’t even take into account time we spend in or on the bed awake. It is because of this statistic that we really need to put more consideration into what type of bed we get and the quality of sleep it will give us. More and more people are choosing adjustable beds due to medical reasons or just convenience of the bed itself. The problem here is that because there are less people that use them, it’s hard to find the right adjustable bed. This is where adjustable bed reviews come into play and can help choose the right bed for you.

Customer Reviews of Twin adjustable bed

Below are some reviews from users of twin adjustable beds, these are basically double beds which are adjustable on both sides. They purchased from varying manufacturers and have these good and potentially bad things to say.

I like the fact that my adjustable twin bed has the option to adjust each side separately. That means that if my husband wishes to stay up late reading. I simply lower my side and drift off to sleep. Another added bonus is that I don’t feel him moving around as much in his sleep and we still got to use our old queen sized bedding. I haven’t noticed any increased power usage and the bed itself is very quiet when adjusting the height and angle. I would definitely recommend an adjustable bed; it has helped with my back and is great for reading and drinking tea whilst in bed.

Customer reviews of single adjustable beds

In this section we have two reviews of single adjustable beds. One is from a user who chose the bed for convenience and another as a caregiver of an ill person.

I am a really big reader and spend most nights reading in bed. The main problem I have had in the past is getting into a comfortable position that supports my back. I found myself needing more and more pillows and even then it didn’t help. One day I was visiting and sick friend in the hospital and I noticed they were reading and did so propped up by the hospital bed. I liked the idea of a bed that could support me whilst reading and in turn could be lowered for sleep. I brought my first adjustable bed and have not looked back; it was cost effective buying a single bed as I am a single female.

Customer reviews of single adjustable beds for Medical Reasons

Once my mother had her second hip operation and was bed ridden for some time I knew it was time for her to move in with me. As a long time fan of Coronation Street she needed a comfortable and safe way to watch TV whilst in bed. On recommendation of a nurse, I purchased her an adjustable bed. It allows her to watch TV and recover quicker due to its design. A great purchase I happily tell others to consider.





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