Adjustable Bed Prices

Just like almost any other expense, the cost of an adjustable bed really does depend on the quality of bed and extras in which are being brought. Such as buying a car, prices may be cheaper for second hand models but those brand new cars have nice extras such as leather seats and the fact no one has used them. In terms of buying an adjustable bed the price is split into three distinct expenses, they are listed below and will be covered in detail in further sections.

  • The adjustable bed (the base)
  • The mattress
  • The miscellaneous bedding

The adjustable bed

The bed itself will generally be the largest expense, which is unless you decide to purchase a super luxury mattress. You will first need to choose the size of bed in which you require. Generally people go for a single bed although the queen and larger sizes are much more spacious, provide room to stretch and can even be adjusted separately for each side. A general price indicator for the bed base itself is roughly 500 – 2000 pounds plus.

Like I said earlier, the prices really do vary on what you are buying and how well it is made. There are always off brand which provides much cheaper alternatives, but you have to weigh that up against the proven track record of the well known manufacturers. If purchasing a larger sized bed, you need to look at additional expenses of having the bed adjustable from both sides; this will also incur extra fess at the mattress level.

The Adjustable bed mattress

The mattress for your bed can be where you spend the least money or sometimes the most money. The mattress is a very personal decision and people will generally have preferences to how they like it. Some like it soft, other like it hard; other people may like a little bounce.

You really need to go into a bedding store and try some of the mattresses, even if they don’t sell adjustable beds, simply finding what type of mattress you like will allow you to select the right one later. Again prices here will of course vary to your requirements, but you could be looking at an expense of 250 – 1500 pounds plus. Very cheap mattress types such as foam can be picked up very cheaply where as some specialised latex ‘memory foam’ mattresses will easily get into the thousands of pounds.

The Bedding

Some people tend to forget bedding when purchasing a new bed. However if you have ever upgraded to a larger bed or simply brought new bedding, you will know that the prices do add up. A list of the common types of bedding and their price ranges are included below.

  • Sheets: 15 – 200 Pounds
  • Pillow Cases: 15 – 50 pounds
  • Pillows: 5 – 35 pounds
  • Duvet inners: 20 – 250 pounds
  • Duvet covers: 25 – 175 pounds

Again these prices are only an indication and don’t take into account multiple packs or reduced rates. Like the other parts of the bed you pay for quality, luxury Egyptian bedding will not come cheap but is very comfortable.





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