Adjustable Bed Sheets

The adjustable bed could be considered one of the greatest additions to the bed so far. For people with injuries or prefer the convenience it offers, there really are no other options. Proven to aid in the medical rehabilitation of patients with broken bones, this type of bed is used at hospitals throughout the world. With the adjustability it offers more and more private homes are choosing the adjustable bed and all the convenience it offers. It runs off remote control, which means both the occupant of the bed and any caregivers can make adjustments as required. With an adjustable bed you can set the height you require whist awake and simply undo it at night for a comfortable sleep. It’s just so simple; the only real question left is the types of adjustable bed sheets.

Do I need uncomfortable hospital sheets?

When people think of adjustable beds, they will most likely be reminded of their own or a loved one’s stay in hospital. As people don’t go to hospital for good reasons, which visit will often be haunted with bad memories. This is one of the main reasons people avoid adjustable beds, because the sleep they had in hospital were probably not the best in their lives. The sheets themselves are far from luxury and are often chosen due to ease of use (sheets get changed a lot), along with warmth and ability to take in liquid. However the good news is that if you choose to buy an adjustable bed for home use, the bedding you can buy is just like any normal bed. Now the first thing to note is that you will require custom bedding for your adjustable bed. This custom bedding does not have to be hospital standard and in fact can be any material/colour that you would expect from any normal bed.

What types of sheets can I get?

Generally when it comes to sheets there is a rather wide variety available to choose from. This is exactly the same for adjustable beds and like your previous bed you can choose from the following types of sheets.

  • Less than 300 thread count
  • 400 – 600 thread count
  • Silk/Satin sheets
  • Pima Cotton
  • Supima Cotton
  • Egyptian Cotton (the most luxurious)

The prices do vary on the sheets, and you can pick up some lower quality types for less than 10 pounds from discount stores. For a more comfortable sleep, sheets made of materials such as Egyptian cotton can get to much higher prices.

How do I put the sheets on?

Much like any normal sheets you are able to get a fitted sheet for going over the mattress. This is a simply sheet to place on unlike the cover sheet. This next sheet will likely require manual tucking, however it isn’t too bad, as much of the adjustable bed sides are very accessible. Remember to buy sheets which fit your bed perfectly for a good fit.





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