Adjustable Beds

People tend to think of sleep as more of a requirement in, rather than something we want to do. Regardless of that fact we actually spend 1/3 of our lives in bed; which makes our choice of bed and mattress rather important. When you take into account medical reasons and other uses for bed, we actually spend even more time than that in or on the bed. Adjustable beds are a type of bed that can be adjusted in several areas to meet the current needs to the users. Commonly found in hospitals these types of beds are becoming popular in the home for both their medical reasons and convenience in general.

What are features of the adjustable bed?

There are a number of features that make an adjustable bed different from most. Each specific bed may use some of these features but not others; it depends on your price range and requirements.

  • Adjustable height of the whole bed
  • Adjustable side bars (up or down)
  • Adjustable top end
  • Adjustable bottom end
  • Wheels for portability
  • Areas for attachment of medical equipment (IV drip for example)
  • Wireless or wired remote control
  • Attached or detached mattress

How are adjustable beds used medically?

As they have primarily been used in the medical field, hospital beds have been continuously improved to benefit both the recovering patient and the hospital staff in general. Firstly the controls for the bed will be in reach of both the occupant and doctor; this allows responsive patients to make their own adjustments and caregivers to make them when they can’t. The height adjustment of the bed allows easy access to get in and out, which can really help someone learning to walk again get access in and out as they use the toilet. Patients are eventually encouraged to get up and this aids in the process.

The adjustments of both the top end and bottom end are there primarily for medical reasons but also in convenience. For broken/strained bones and other medical procedures there is a requirement to raise a certain part of the body. By allowing the bed to do this it is both more comfortable on the patient and can be undone very quickly and adjusted as required. The process of raising broken bones actually has medical reasons and clinical studies have shown it does aid in the healing process. In terms on convenience, for patients in hospital for other reasons, they may wish to watch television. By being able to raise the top half they have support and comfort they need, whist still being able to see the TV. It also makes seeing visitors and communicating much easier.

How they are used at home

Non medical use of adjustable beds is simply for convenience. It allows occupants to adjust the bed foe whatever task they are performing. It makes viewing TV and book reading less hassle and if you are lucky enough to get breakfast in bed, being supported whilst eating is no problem.





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