Adjustable Double Bed

If you have ever been inside a hospital then you would have noticed the special type of bed in which they use. The main function of this bed in that it is adjustable and this is used for both conveniences of patient and genuine medical reasons. What you probably didn’t know is that this type of bed is taking off in the home bedding market and the style, comfort and function of the bed are being improved upon. One of the most surprising innovations in the home bed market is perhaps the invention of the adjustable double bed.

Features of the adjustable double bed

Adjustable beds in general will generally poses most if not all of these features. Some of them are dependent on the bed model you choose and how much you are willing to spend.

  • You are able to adjust the height of the whole bed
  • You can adjust the height of the top end (where your head and back is)
  • You can adjust the bottom end (where your feet and legs are)
  • The bed may be on wheels (which lock)
  • The double bed adjusts as one, or as two separate sides
  • The mattress be fully attached or detachable which is more customisable
  • The bed is controlled by one (or two) control boxes which may be wired or wireless

Again it is worth noting that features such as wireless control and multiple adjustment sides will cost more money and will generally only be available on higher end beds.

Double Adjustable bed for home use

Unlike hospital beds which often look very bland, hollow and metallic the double adjustable bed has taken a completely different direction. Available in many modern wooden designs and even leather in some cases, the adjustable double bed really is focusing on the ascetics as well as function. Some of the latest beds are starting to take the modern look even further with many of them taking on futuristic looks that would go well in any modern home. There are even retro styled double adjustable beds for those in older homes who want function without fancy looks.

What s Double Adjustable bed does?

The bed itself can even have two completely separate adjusting sides. That means that the bed itself can be in the same lowered position like any conventional double bed. However occupants on either side can lower and raise ‘their half’ to meet their requirements. Perhaps one member of the couple wishes to stay up later than the other. They simply stay raised whilst their partner lowers themselves to sleep. Comfort and closeness is not lost because if both sides are in the same position, there is no gap between and intimacy is no issue. There is of course the option to have an adjustable double bed which adjusts itself as one. This may suit couples with similar requirements in beds or perhaps ole occupants who wish to have a larger bed.




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