Adjustable Bed Faqs

Before anyone makes a significant purchase such as a new bed, they likely have questions in which they want answered. As adjustable beds are rather unique, the normal bed shops might not know too much about them. Below we have answered some of the more frequently asked questions about adjustable beds.

Does an adjustable bed use a lot of power?

No they are actually energy compliant and will only draw upon minimal power to make the adjustments as required. They will generally not use any power whilst not being used and will not have live electricity flowing through them.

What sizes does the bed come in?

The good news is that there is a wide variety of sizes available. From a smaller children’s size, there are the classic single, double, queen and even king sizes available. There have even been beds made that are bigger than the standard king size!

Do the double and larger beds all adjust as one?

This question really relates to the specific bed you are looking at. It actually varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Where some of these larger adjustable beds will move as one, others are actually adjustable from either side, much like an electric blanket.

What about the bedding?

In terms of the bedding it again can vary from mattress to mattress. Depending on the design of the mattress and the size it is, you may be able to use standard bedding. However there are some adjustable bed manufacturers that do not use standard mattress sizes and instead go for a less wide size. These may require special bedding or simple modification to existing bedding. Please also check the notes that came with your bed and any warnings in relation to the bedding and moving parts.

Are adjustable beds expensive?

Like anything the price of adjustable beds really depends on the quality and features of the product. For a low end bed you may be looking at similar prices to normal bed bases, however as you add more features and more advanced mattress types the price may climb. As with beds in general the price of the mattress itself can easily outweigh the price of the bed base.

Do they have a good lifespan?

This question comes up a lot as people tend to believe electronics have a small lifespan. In this example I remind people of the adjustable beds in which hospitals use. These beds will often be occupied all day and will get tough usage. When you look at the beds they may look rather old and worn, but the fact is that they have rather high life spans and really are built to last. Imagine how long your adjustable bed would last at home, there will often be better conditions and less use.

Aren’t adjustable beds uncomfortable?

It’s not the bed that sets the comfort; it’s the bedding and mattress that do this. Because adjustable beds will take the same bedding and mattress types, they are as comfortable as any conventional bed.





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